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An Affirming Congregation

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We welcome you to join us every 
at 11 a.m.

Vision Statement

“The faith community of Claremont United Church lives out the love of Christ in thought and action. We welcome and affirm into the full life, leadership and ministry of our church people of any age, culture, ethnicity, language, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, family composition, and social or economic circumstances.”

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Both In-Person and Zoom Worship are available each week

on Sunday at 11 am

If you are feeling unwell we would ask that you worship on Zoom 

If you wish to join the Zoom Worship please email Rev. Sandra at to get the link

Asian Image of Jesus

There was a man named Jesus, who embodied God’s love and compassion in such surprising ways. 

And he said:   I am the light of the world

Artist:  He Qi

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